L’Oréal EverFresh VoxBox

I never stop trying new product especially when it comes to hair and scalp care. In my almost 10 years of living in this country, I would say i haven’t found yet the right shampoo and conditioner for my hair. As i grow older so many things change especially physically. Apparently, no such thing as right hair product because i have tried many and yet still having the same itchy scalp problem besides the hair fall. I would say that the dry, flaky and itchy scalp might be the cause of excessive hair falls. Meanwhile, just recently I have given the opportunity to try and test this new L’Oréal EverFresh. I thank @Influenster for this #VoxBox.

Inside the L’Oréal #EverFresh VoxBox are three hair care products – the L’Oréal Ever Fresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo which clinically tested to control dandruff and flaky scalp. It will restores scalp balance and helps stop scalp itching, irritation and flaking associated with dandruff. The hot shower usually can be the cause of dry and itchy scalp and this shampoo is gentle to your scalp and free of harsh sulfates, salts and surfactants that can strip or damage the hair as well as dull the color. L’Oréal Ever Fresh shampoo has 100% original sulfate-free hair care and gives luxurious lather and a fresh aromatic fragrance that blooms. It helps prevent recurrence of scalp flaking and itching. The purest for hair & scalp. Get the best result by using it at least twice a week or as directed by a doctor. Simply apply to wet hair by gently massaging onto scalp and hair the rinse well.

L’Oréal Ever Fresh Balancing Conditioner gives balanced hydration and gentle on your hair color. It contains natural botanical ingredients with Indian lilac that helps replenish hair with essential moisture to help restore hair balance. Hair is revived with touchable softness, manageability and luminous shine. It has smooth texture and fragrance that is mild and gentle. After using the EverFresh shampoo, apply to wet hair and massage gently. Leave on for 1-2 minutes and rinse.

L’Oréal Ever Fresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub is the third product included in the box. This product will gently removes flaky build up and the apricot seeds gives the smooth fragrant and rejuvenating scalp feeling. Micro-Exfoliating Scrub with apricot seeds gently removes impurities, flakes, and build up from dirt and excess oils that can cause hair to be weighed down. Gently massage to promote a healthy looking scalp. So, if you are like me having problem with hair and scalp then try this amazing products.

Disclosure: I received L’Oreal EVER products complimentary for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

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