Music In the Old Days

At my age right now, I’d say i would consider myself old and I am proud to say that i experienced some of the good old days way of life. In music for instance, most musician composed music that is based on life and what’s happening around. It has meaning and sentimental melody, although there is rock and other genre of music to listen to. From what I have observed and remember before, musician made music out of a very simple instrument and while some they even composed a music with the just the used of a drum or ukelele. Anyway, I am not a musician and I have not tried different types of musical instruments, especially the Kala u bass. Well, if you are into Kala Rumbler which is now have the latest model in Kala Brand’s distinctive line of award winning portable U-BASS instruments. Check out the link above and browse and their collections of Kala.

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