B&W Floral dress

You can take away the shop out of the girl but you can’t take away the girl out of the shop. I thought I’m not gonna shop again or maybe for the meantime that I don’t have a job, but when I saw the markdown price for this beautiful dress, can’t help it but check it out. So, what do you think of this dress, pretty huh? Couple of months ago, I bought something online which kind of expensive but did not mind the price at all because i like that wallet. Unfortunately, my order did not arrived and when i claimed for missing package it said got lost so, I waited a month to received my refund. That was my first experience shopping online.

Hence, experiences like that did not stop me to shop online but one thing I learned, shop at the store you trusted. This dress is good for night out dinner with husband as well as a formal dress for any party or gathering. The simplicity of this dress and lovely design and style would fit to any gathering simple, formal or casual.

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