2016 Boasts Versatile Fashion Favorites

While each season brings in a new crop of trendy tops, sensational skirts and amazing accessories, 2016 is leaving women across the country with gorgeous choices that can be paired with both one another and items that have been in the back of the closet for far too long. From denim and shoulder shrugs to athletic logos and sweats that can actually be worn out of the house, fashion in 2016 is an amazingly versatile hybrid of the old, the new and the truly unique.

Tops for Work, Play and Everything in Between

Off-the-shoulder tops and shrugs have made resurgence in the 2016 fashion scene, and they are better than ever. Often paired with comfortable denim shorts and flowing, long coral skirts, these shirts are excellent for staying cool and looking hot at patio parties and also work well when worn with certain blazers and other professional attire.

The Return of Perfect Pairs

Although some decades have found matched tops and bottoms completely unappealing, the trend of perfectly paired garments has come back in a big way. From lightweight pants and halters to vertical stripes, paired outfits are taking the country by storm. Those who are unsure about the feasibility of such garments will also love the fact that either half of a perfect pair would make an excellent addition to solid bottoms and lightly colored tops.

Jogging Gems and Fashion for the Gym

While old, comfortable sweat pants are best left at home, women who wish to remain fashionable when jogging or hitting the gym will love Haute Sweats; these trendy pants and shirts give a whole new meaning to looking cool while working up a sweat.

Because some women would not leave home in even the most trendy, attractive sweats, it is important to remember that athletically branded attire is also back in style. From short tops branded with the Nike logo to bottoms boasting Adidas, Fila and other popular brands, this year’s workout gear will keep wearers among the trendiest in the class.

2016 Blends Comfort and Fashion Seamlessly

While every year gives way to gorgeous, unforgettable clothing that women adore, 2016 is shaping up to go down in history as the year that comfort met fashion in a union that may outlast some celebrity marriages. Matching, paired or otherwise, current fashion trends will delight even the choosiest shoppers at the mall.

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