Filipiniana Outfits at Filipino Party

Every countries all over the world has its own custom and tradition as well native cuisine, delicacy, crafts and dresses as part of the country’s culture. Honestly I have never been to any formal gathering as I am not comfortable wearing gowns or dresses. Last year I decided to attend to this Filipino party and it was fun. It was impressive to see ordinary people change overnight and look elegant with their fashionably Filipiniana dress.

The Filipiniana Dress is a dress made of PiƱa fabric, which is hand-loomed from pineapple leaf fibers. Filipiniana dresses are typically worn at formal occasions and nationalistic gatherings to mirror the male’s Barong Tagalog. These dresses come in different styles and variations, some may even carry the butterfly sleeves made famous by several First Ladies of the Philippines. Learn more about Filipino by visiting this website

I wore a casual dress which is decent enough for that occasion. One of the organizer of that event is happened to be a very good person, and she brought back here in the US from the Philippines a lot of Filipino attire. I got lucky because there was one available Filipina blazer. I’m thinking of buying my children a Filipino dress when we get a chance to go back to the Philippines someday.

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