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My daughter and I went on a run and walk down the trails last week and we also made a couple of stops at the playground and under the bridge for a quick picture taking, then she asked me, “Why do mommies like to take pictures of their kids?” Parents love to document all our children’s milestones growing up. Children grow so fast and we want to keep their childhood memories through pictures and videos. Nevertheless, as much as possible I want to photograph and capture everything about my children. There are many ways now to document your children’s milestones and memorable moments of your life.

Pictures in Print. This is basically the traditional and best way to keep good memories. You probably seen some old pictures of your birthdays, baptism and more special moment that your parents have kept in your family picture album. The picture speaks a thousand words and one day your grandchildren will get to see and know your childhood through pictures.

Computer Memory. Printing pictures is getting expensive especially if you have way too much to print. Parents tends to be so obsessive in taking their children’s pictures like me and my husband. Pictures from pregnancy, delivery, Christmas and vcations to all school activities, we have it all keep in our memory card and computer. I would says these kind of pictures might not or might disappear when the computer is broken. So, why not put it in hard print right away and save it an album for your convenient enjoyment.

LifetimesMAG for every special occasion. This is kind of the new trend today. All the special occasion moments that you have save in your computer and even shared in your social medias and other social networks connection perhaps, and you can put them all together like a LifetimesMAG. Whether you want a magazine to mark a wedding, birthday, anniversary, special celebration or even a ‘memory mag’ for personal memoirs or someone reaching a life milestone, there is a unique LifetimesMAG waiting to be created for you, and to be shared with family and friends. They have a range of styles to choose from for your LifetimesMAG, including these picture below. For more details, you can visit their website by clicking on the provided and browse around at different styles LifetimesMag has to offer.

Images not mine

Picture Canvass and Picture Collage Blanket. These things are also new styles of saving every wonderful moments on your child. Pick out the best pictures for the canvass and decorate it in every room of your house. People are getting creative in printing pictures. Add a little customization to personalized it and voila you have yourself a warm and cozy blanket with a different cute faces of your children.

Capture the Moments and share it with your friends and family all over the world through social media. The social media has invading every family privacy. One smile and the whole world will smile with you. People shares everything on their pages at facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumbler, and I can go on and on. You can actually make a book with all the important events and moments shared in social media.

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