Monogram at Its Finest

The act of monogramming is one that can be both trendy and timeless. Since the time of the Roman and Greek empires, a monogrammed object signified the ruling bloodline. It was seen mostly on currency and the seals of official letters. Over time, it has satisfied many other tastes. Here are some of the benefits of this practice.

Identification and Branding
For objects that are purchased as commodity items, a monogram helps in identifying which particular item belongs to its owner. For example, a person who buys an Oxford button-down shirt is able to easily identify the shirt if someone else is wearing it. This can be very beneficial for siblings who are close in age and tend to buy similar clothing. Monogramming reduces the risk of mix-ups after the clothes come out of the wash.

Monograms also help people identify the brands they trust. In the case of visual artists, a monogram, or signature, helps establish the authenticity of work and keeps a tight reign on forgeries. Once an artist establishes his signature with audiences, they are better equipped to spot imitations and less likely to be duped into buying art that is not an authentic work of a revered artist.

Monograms on clothing, purses and other accessories also have the same value. In some sales jurisdictions, it is unlawful to sell items that are knock-offs of the original. Genuine monograms help buyers detect knock-offs and avoid them. They also help buyers know the originals and avoid paying high prices for knock-offs.

Letters in Unusual Places
Many people might not think about using monograms on walls or household accessories. However, they add an element missing from many interior designs: letters and wording. Often, living spaces are decorated with color, patterns and visual designs. The power of words in a space can suggest the feeling you should have while you are there. If the wording is the owner’s initials, it also places an official personal stamp on the decor.

Some have also found exciting design options with monogrammed car decals. Because the lettering is usually done in an ornate calligraphy style, car decals can help a vehicle to look classy. Some people have placed decals on the truck of the their cars, bumpers and even front vanity plates.

Whether monograms are intended for personalization, branding or off-beat decor, they grab the attention of onlookers almost immediately. Most people’s first response is to connect the monogram to a distinguished person or brand. Soon after they make this connection, they will want to know where they can get a monogram of their own. Monograms are catchy that way.

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