How to Start a Career in the Fashion & Beauty Industry

If you’re passionate about fashion, hair, makeup and skin care, you might like a career in the fashion or beauty industries. That way, you’ll always be surrounded by what you love, keeping up with the latest industry trends and products. And you’ll be able to help other people look and feel their best. You might even be able to work with celebrities or with fashion or beauty magazines. You’ll have lots of options for an exciting career in these industries. To get started in one of these professions, you’ll need to pursue fashion or beauty school.

Careers in Fashion

There are different paths you can take in the fashion industry. If you want to be a designer, you should go to school to pursue a design degree. You will need an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion design, textile design, technical design or apparel production, depending on how you want to specialize your career. You could design high-fashion pieces as a fashion designer or design fabrics as a textile designer. With a technical design degree, you could tailor clothing or create pieces for a specialty store. Or you could choose to do merchandising by creating displays in stores to sell fashion designs. For this option, you should go after an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising.
Some of the best fashion schools in the country are Parsons School of Design in New York City, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Along with going to school for fashion, you’ll need to prove yourself in the industry and help yourself stand out, especially if you want to be a fashion designer. Some successful designers have shared what helped them make it in the industry. Their recommendations include interning, forming relationships in the industry and being bold to draw attention to yourself.

Aside from being a designer, there are other ways to work in the fashion industry. You could work for a fashion magazine, become a fashion writer, be a fashion photographer or do the hair and makeup for fashion models. If you have the right look, you could even be a fashion model. Or you could work behind the scenes with fashion shows or sell fashion pieces to consumers in stores.

Careers in Beauty

Another option is to work in the beauty industry, which intersects with fashion. Just like with fashion, you have many options in beauty. You could be a cosmetologist, doing the hair and makeup of people who want to look great for everyday occasions or are getting ready for a special event. Or you could become an esthetician, improving clients’ skin and doing their makeup. You could also be a barber, a hair stylist or a nail technician. And just like with fashion, you can go beyond hands-on beauty jobs to become a beauty writer, create beauty products, work in a makeup store or choose other options.

If you want to work hands-on with clients, you’ll need to go through a beauty school program and become licensed in the specialties you choose. The top beauty school in the country is Marinello Beauty School. The programs at Marinello Beauty School give you hands-on training and real life experience, so you’re prepared to work with clients once you finish your Marinello Beauty School program. You can choose cosmetology, esthetics (skin care), hair design and other beauty programs at Marinello Beauty School.

To start a career in beauty, contact Marinello Beauty School and ask about one of their programs.

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