3 Tips for Being a Better Citizen

Are you a good person? Do you keep up with current events? Have you given any thought to minimizing your carbon footprint? While everyone has their own definition of a “good citizen,” these three tips will help you live a better life overall.

1. Go Green

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on home remodels. Becoming eco-friendly can be as simple as recycling your trash or buying organically to reduce pollution from shipping companies. If you do want to make changes to your home, you can start with a few photovoltaic panels instead of a complete solar overhaul.

2. Watch the News

You’re a part of the world, so you should be a consumer of the world’s news. If you don’t feel like watching CNN every day, you can always specialize your focus depending on your age, gender or ethnicity. For example, if you’re an African-American, follow the African American news.

3. Support Your Community

Volunteer with local charities. Pick up trash by the side of the road. Write letters to your mayor when you disagree with his policies. There are a million different ways you can give back to your community, and all of them will have a positive impact on both yourself and others.

These are just three tips for becoming a healthier, happier and more productive citizen. At the end of the day, only you can decide how to improve your life, so let these ideas serve as inspiration for even greater things.

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