Choosing the Right Fur for your Next Elegant Coat

An elegant fur coat is ideal for a night out on the town. Additional fur accessories such as scarves, wraps and cuffs complete an outfit for a formal occasion. Each type of animal fur used for clothing applications has a different texture and weight. It is ideal to examine each type before making a firm decision.


Fox fur is one of the most common used to make coats and fur accessories. It has a soft texture and multi-dimensional color. The most common color scheme is a traditional brown fox. Their coats have hints of red, blonde and darker browns. It adds dimension and texture to the visual appearance of the coat. This fur is also lightweight and stores well in the proper conditions.


Chinchilla fur is a bit shorter than fox fur. When the fur is used for coats, the texture is a little fluffier, given the tightness of the weave and short hairs. The main color schemes for chinchilla clothing are grayscale, meaning black, white and gray. When the fur is put together just right, it creates its own shadows and dimensions.


Mink fur is one of the softest animal furs used for clothing. It is also one of the shiniest. Given the texture of the fur before it is fabricated into coats and accessories, it lays rather flat but does not get heavy as it is worn for extended periods of time.

Take the textures and exterior feel of each fur type into consideration as you select a coat or accessories to complete your wardrobe. The way that the fur feels to you is important, as is the weight of the finished product as you wear it.

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