Feathers and Fashion

A company similar to Zucker Feather Products can supply you with bulk clothing materials to start making new fashion products. Buying peacock feathers wholesale opens up a lot of new clothing design ideas. Using this type of feather for clothing has been in style for decades and it continues to be trendy.

Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers. Their feathers stand out much more than other birds because there is so many of them and they’re very colorful. Male peacocks show off their tail feathers and keep their heads high when they are trying to impress a female. You have to see a peacock showing off in person to truly appreciate the beauty of this unique bird.

Using peacock feather colors in products is common in today’s marketplace. The bright blue and green mix is always seen in hat designs, earrings and even purses. There was once a wedding gown made from approximately 2,000 authentic feathers in China. Seamstresses worked on this gown for eight months to get it perfect. There were eight total workers who worked on the dress at the same time. The surprising cost to make the wedding dress was approximately $1.5 million. While this might seem extravagant, there were also 60 pieces of Hetian jade fixated into the dress.

It’s true that only male birds display these wonderful colors and they shed about 200 feathers after the breeding season. Companies like the one mentioned in the beginning of this article only use high quality feathers. Buying these feathers in bulk ensures you always have some on hand. You never know when you will want to make a new dress or accessory from them. Sewing some feathers on a Halloween costume is a good way to keep a child visible at night. Children would love to put a feather inside their hair to show off to friends. Real feathers are always better than plastic ones because they will feel much nicer on your clothing designs. They will also look better.

Peacock feathers are also great for high-visibility clothing because they boast several bright colors such as: teal, violet, green and gold. They really stand out in a crowd and it’s easy to spot someone with a peacock dress on. Putting a single feather on the side of a top-hat is an easy way to make the hat stylish.

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