The Essential Supplies for an Unforgettable Hen’s Night Celebration

Hen’s Night marks the final days of a woman’s single life. It may seem like the end, but friends and family gather for a lively celebration that precedes the exciting adventure of marriage. If you’ve been entrusted with planning a Hen’s Night, you won’t want to let the bride down. Small details like proper Hen’s Night decorations and party supplies will really make the difference. Here are a few items that you won’t want to forget.

Balloons, Banners, and Flags

Northing says ‘party’ like Hen’s Night balloons, banners, and flags. This sort of decoration is especially useful for pub celebrations where everyone around will be able to recognise your Hen’s Night party. Imagine the entire establishment getting in the mood to celebrate right along with you.

Naughty Decorations

It wouldn’t be Hen’s Night without a little bit of risqué humour. Find a hanging decoration that looks really happy to see you. You might be impressed by all of the ‘fun’ shapes you can find for the balloons, stickers, piñatas and more.

Nice Decorations

Of course, just because it’s Hen’s Night, you shouldn’t forget the traditional party supplies like confetti, streamers, and party chains. They’ll add splashes of fun and colour to your celebration, and if you want them to be a little on the naughty side, that’s alright, too.

Party Lights

More than anything, a spinning party light is a great way to say, ‘Here are a group of ladies who know how to have fun’. A spinning party light is a real attention-grabber and adds extra flare to your celebration.

Hilarious Games

Perhaps some of the fondest memories at a Hen’s Night celebration are made around the outlandish party games. You can keep the hilarity going around an especially clever ring toss game, and you can include more traditional Hen’s Night games so that everyone will want to play.

When you consider all of the details, finding the right Hen’s Night party supplies Melbourne offers is a sure way to set the scene for memories that will last a lifetime. When you find the right party supplies, everywhere you look will be a good time. If you’re in Melbourne and you’re planning a Hen’s Night celebration, be sure to check out the memorable games, favours, and decorations at BuckingHen Palace. Take a look at their online store by visiting

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