Steps to Select the Perfect Celebrant for the Wedding of Your Dreams

Wedding of Your Dreams
Planning a wedding can be both time consuming and stressful, even if a quiet ceremony is your preference. For larger weddings, organising your event can feel more like running a business and less like celebrating a union. With wedding planners, caterers, bartenders and other staff to hire, as well as sub-events like the bridal shower and reception dinner to host, planning stress may begin to overwhelm you.

The most common goals for any wedding are for guests to enjoy themselves, staff to perform well and for everyone to celebrate the blessed beginning of the couple’s new life together. One of the most important members of a wedding is the celebrant, who plays a solid part in ensuring all of those goals are met. This critical person is responsible for conducting the marriage ceremony and guiding the couple through legal affirmation of the union.

Because the celebrant holds such a critical position in a wedding, you will want to ensure that you select one who will meet your expectations and is an overall match to the tone of your event. There are several key steps to select the right Melbourne celebrant for your big day:

When you imagine your ultimate ceremony, you generally have a certain tone or feel you desire for the event – whether it’s for it to be black tie or casual, sociable with a party atmosphere or a more serene, traditional affair. To find the right celebrant for your wedding day, you will need to decide what your event’s tone is, then meet with the officiant to ensure that his or her personality is in keeping with that tone.

You may be highly confident in selection of a future spouse, but can you be confident in the celebrant’s professionalism and integrity? Without a celebrant, a wedding cannot happen and with a good person in this role, the wedding will be smooth and an event to remember. To ensure your day is as tranquil and drama-free as it should be, you will want to select a celebrant who has a record of satisfaction as part of past wedding ceremonies. If you do not have a solid personal history with the individual to lead your event, consider gaining some references from their past weddings, to gain perspective in regard to performance expectations. Knowing their track record and any shortcomings or positive attributes will help you plan the execution of your dream day.

Some marriage celebrants Melbourne expect to meet with the bride and groom in several sessions prior to the ceremony, to bridge any gaps in communication between the couple about key life issues. Other officiants are more flexible and merely wish to ensure legal requirements are met. A celebrant’s level of experience will likely determine their approach to a wedding ceremony and any expectations for prior, during and after the “I do’s.” If you just desire a quickie ceremony based on minimum civil needs, you may not need to be as stringent in prequalification of your celebrant, as one you need to handle deeper formalities. How much you need from the celebrant and whether you wish to rely upon him or her to guide you through your wedding will determine how much experience they should possess.

Selecting the right celebrant for your big day is critical in wedding planning. But if you cover the basic aspects of presence, history and experience when making your choice, you will likely be quite pleased with your ceremonial results. As an experienced celebrant of Melbourne, Amanda Pattie is known for providing a solid background, quality experience and a winning personality in satisfaction of her couples’ vows. Learn more about her and book for your wedding at

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