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Jeweler’s Refining Group – Excellent Jewelry Reservicer!

Jeweler’s Refining Group is a business – a service that provides companies jewelry refining at its finest quality. Jeweler’s Refining Idea provides excellence, quality and a commitment to 100% satisfaction to every customer. The company has grown simply by loyal customers who tell others who then become loyal customers…marketing at its simplest and finest. Their service is of such high quality that a unique marketing campaign was not necessary. They were able to just stand back and watch as their business grew.

And it has grown monumentally. Starting with just one client, Jeweler’s Refining Group now provides refining services to over seventy jewelry manufacturers of every size. One branch is now called International Refining Services, S.A. de CV, open in Merida, Mexico in 2005. In 2008, a laboratory specializing in the refining and chemical analysis of elements (jewels) was opened in Long Island. They are proud to have added this specialized branch to an already thriving business. This branch of the business has put Jeweler’s Refining Group at the top of this industry, easily as a market leader.

If you want to learn more about all that Jeweler’s refining group can do for you, visit the web site at You’ll enjoy simply browsing the site and looking at the treasures on each page. If you are a business in need of jewelry refining services, click here to learn more about how you, too, can benefit from the industry leader.

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