Vibrators Then vs. Now (Infographic)

Vibrators Then vs. Now
They swirl, they twirl and they pulsate in a variety of rhythmic patterns. Produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors the vibrator is a go to pleasure source for women around the world. The vibrator has an interesting history first created as a tool used in the medical industry, but now that same device is one of the top sellers within the sex toy market. As with anything that has ever been created, the vibrator has evolved since its initial creation. First introduced in the late 19th century, the vibrator was powered differently, used for different functions, were solely prescribed for women and were kept in the closet yet embraced by the world as a viable medical treatment. In the 21st century, the vibrator has evolved into an accessory that is shared by both sexes, spoken about openly and is powered in more conventionally safe ways that are easy for the consumer to recharge and go! Vibrators are no longer recommended objects just for the hysterical woman looking for a way to treat a disease. These trembling beauties are now embraced by both sexes and are used together in conjunction with a partner during sexual performance. The stigma that once surrounded the vibrator has been lifted and their benefits and uses have made major headlines from daytime television to the comfortable homes of soccer moms on QVC. Interested in knowing how the vibrator has changed from its introduction in the 19th century until now? Take a look at this awesome infographic from Jimmyjane for more details on the past and present status of vibrators!

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