Haxby: A Return to Quality

While men’s fashion goes through many changes as time passes, sticking with quality can never steer you wrong. Haxby, a new brand based in Los Angeles, takes that idea back to its roots and has made it their main focus and philosophy. Created by longtime friends Michael Dow and Tim White, the menswear line harkens back to a time when quality and craftsmanship were prized over anything else, and the Savile Row standard reigned as the ultimate example of true artisan creations for the wealthy men of London.

The Brand’s Origins

Dow and White, who both have a love for craftsmanship, quality, and design, were united in their goal to create a menswear brand with true integrity and an obvious passion for quality. Their shared vision led them across the globe in an effort to source the finest craftsmen and materials available today. Their search lasted for two years and the end result has been remarkable. Haxby can now boast that its line includes only the best offerings from Los Angeles, Switzerland, Italy, London and Japan.

A Modern Twist

Haxby does not neglect the advances that menswear has made over the years. The Haxby style combines the worlds of contemporary and classic menswear to create a timeless, lasting heritage brand that men of all ages can embrace as their own. The debut line is comprised of jeans, sneakers, eyewear and belts, all of which are painstakingly made by the best artisans Haxby could find. The efforts taken to keep the production process completely authentic results in the contemporary brand’s unforgettable line of unique pieces that have as much art in them as they do functionality.

Contemporary Footwear Redefined

Handmade in Montefranaro, Italy, Haxby’s line of luxurious cordovan leather sneakers successfully redefine the concept of contemporary footwear. The shoes exude class as they buck the widely held belief that function and style cannot coexist. Each pair of sneakers are hand-buffed before they are placed for sale and their classic design allows them to easily transition from casual to formal wear at any moment.

Jeans Unlike Any Other

Jeans are a staple of most wardrobes around the world, but most do not have the quality and distinction that is usually found in luxury clothing items. Haxby has completely ignored the traditional rules and created their incredible line of luxury hand-crafted jeans. With material sourced from Japan and Italy’s world-renowned denim mills, each pair is painstakingly cut and sewn while being supervised by one of the members of Haxby’s design team. Quality and fit are the overall goal. The extra design elements, featuring 24 karat gold plated zippers, rivets and buttons, create a truly unique pair of jeans every time.

Accessories Finish the Look

Accessories do not take a back seat to the other items in the line when it comes to quality or craftsmanship. Haxby belts are crafted by Swiss and Italian artisans using such desirable materials as premium exotic leathers, polished sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and hand-cast precious metals. The eyewear is also created without concern for anything except quality and craftsmanship. In the world-renowned Masunaga Optical factory in Japan, each pair of Haxby’s glasses is created through a 200 step manual process that includes creating inlays of 24 karat yellow or white gold.

Those looking for more than the offerings of the debut line will not be disappointed. These pieces are just a sampling of what Haxby is expected to offer in days to come.

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