Pearls for Your Lady

When you buy jewelry, it is always a good idea to look at it first to determine its quality and to determine if it will look good on the person who you are buying it for. However, if you are buying your jewelry online, you don’t have that luxury. With that in mind, is it still a good idea to buy your jewelry online?

What’s the Return Policy?

The most important thing to look for when buying jewelry or anything else online is the return policy. If you cannot return your purchase and get a full refund, you should have a backup plan for what you will do with the product if you or the person you give it to doesn’t like it. The good news is that it is fairly easy to pawn, resell or give away jewelry that you don’t like to others who will either pay you for it or will be able to wear it themselves.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Your Order?

Another important factor to consider when buying goods online is how long it will take to ship your order and whether or not you can track it during the shipping process. Having the ability to track your order ensures that you will actually receive what you ordered or can prove that your order was lost or never sent in the event that you don’t get your order. Typically, you will receive your order within two or three business days if you use standard shipping or within 24 hours if you use rush delivery.

Are There Any Physical Store Locations Nearby?

Ordering online from a jeweler is less risky when you can return your purchase to a physical store location. This makes it easier to either get store credit when you return a product or exchange what you purchased for something that you want and can use. An added benefit of going to a physical store location is that you can talk to a real person instead of dealing with a machine or an Internet contact form.

If you are planning on ordering jewelry online, you can visit sites such as to find quality jewelry companies such as The Pearl Source. While at your chosen site, you can browse through inventory, make a purchase or find out how to contact the jeweler for more information.

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