Why Choose Matching Ring Sets?

Choosing the perfect style of engagement ring and wedding band is one of the most important wedding-related decisions that every couple will make. A great wedding set reflects both the wearer and represents the unique bond shared by the happy couple. While some couples prefer the romantic notion of passing along family rings and proposing with generational jewelry, others like the idea of choosing complementary matching bands and sets that showcase the uniformity of their love.

Matching ring sets take the guess work out of fitting and pairing unlike bands and rings together. With a matched set, the engagement ring takes center stage; the band acts as a complementary coordinating piece. Matched sets almost always feature the same colored metals, and the size and shape of the stones always coordinate back to the engagement ring.

Ring sets can be purchased at virtually any price point. Elegant platinum settings with colorless diamonds are among the most expensive types of matching sets. A modest alternative to expensive diamonds are cubic zirconia stones. High-quality CZ stones are virtually indistinguishable from diamonds. In fact, it takes a professional jeweler and expert magnification equipment to determine a genuine diamond from a CZ stone. CZ sets feature all of the same brilliance and sparkle of genuine diamonds but at a much more affordable price point.

If you love the look of traditional diamonds, a quality CZ set will fetch you as many compliments as genuine diamonds. CZ stones can be set in the same way as traditional diamonds, so you can purchase gold, platinum, silver, titanium or fashion-forward rhodium plating. You can select CZ matching ring sets with princess cuts, marquise shapes, filigree designs, channel settings, infinity styles and vintage details.

Shopping online is a great way to choose a CZ set. Many traditional brick-and-mortar jewelers do not carry CZ stones at all due to limited in-store space. When you shop online for your set, you also do not have to worry about pushy salespeople. Most online jewelry boutiques also offer a larger selection of stones, settings, metals and sizes to choose from. Chicjewelry.com is an example of an upstanding company offering a wide range of CZ wedding sets at prices that will suit practically any budget. They also offer lifetime warranties, custom engraving, layaways, online repairs and options for custom ring design, so they truly offer something for every happy bride and groom.

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