Style Tips for the Balding Man

Too often, it seems like baldness is held up as something terrible that men should try to avoid or hide at all costs. While there are hair replacement options for men who prefer how they look with a full head of hair, that’s not the only way to deal with hair loss. If you’re getting a little thinner on top, here are just a few of the ways you can turn that into a new style.

1. Hair Pieces

When people think of wigs or toupees, the least flattering options come to mind. A hair piece doesn’t have to look horrendously fake, though. You can get hair replacement systems that fit well on your head or attach to your current hair, giving you a much more natural look. If you just don’t like how you look without hair, this is a good choice.

2. Shave It Off

On the other end of the spectrum, you can always jump in with both feet and embrace your baldness by shaving your head completely. Some guys can pull off this look much more smoothly than if they had a little hair. If you feel frustrated with the lack of control you have over your hair loss, this also gives you a little bit more autonomy over what you look like. In this situation, making the decision to shave your head yourself can be a very freeing choice.

3. Buzz Cut

If you’re not feeling quite bold enough to shave off your hair entirely, try the buzz cut. This looks especially good on men with receding hairlines. Having a lot of hair up top and then very little at the sides can draw attention to the baldness, but with buzzed hair, that contrast is not nearly so noticeable.

4. Shaggy

Is your hair just starting to thin out? You can get away with this look for a little while. Get your hair cut in uneven, shaggy layers, and tussle it around a little to style it. This disheveled look helps to hide the spots where your hair is thinning without being as awkward or as obvious as a combover.

5. Add a Beard

You might think that facial hair would draw attention to the fact that you have more hair on your chin than on your head, but it can actually create a very attractive look. Goatees work especially well if you go with this option.

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