Thinking of a Useful Birthday Gift

My son will be turning 6 years old in two weeks and yet he still doing toddler stuffs and even force his tiny (2 yr old) spiderman costume. I know what kind of gift he wants for his birthday as he constantly reminding me of that toys every time it comes out on TV commercial. However, his room is already crowded with a lot of toys quiet similar to the gift he wants.

Meanwhile, being in a group of other mommies definitely has an advantage. In that group, since it’s a private group by the way, we can talk about anything and everything. We talked about married life, ways on how to make money from home, blogging tips. kids funny antics and their toys. Sometimes, I asked suggestions from fellow mommy blogger i know online and they suggested a good children’s drum set that children this age commonly like to play with. We’ve also talked about women hygiene, and remedies for when our children are sick. Somehow it has been an avenue for me to express myself without being judged because all of us are in the same boat.

As I think about it this drum set sounds good and useful for him. Do you think a guitar or drum set would be a good gift?

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