My Lil’ Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for her quirky, unique and weird fashion style. A trendsetter and she can also sing. Her fashion is totally different from others that made her a popular fashion icon today. Meanwhile, my lil kikay is four year old now but when she was a little younger she had fascination with shoes, hats, socks and even invented the word shekalika and I named that as her fashion. This was her shekalika looks like?

I have collected quiet a few of my daughter’s quirkiness and cute antics. Where can you find a shoebox  as in literally a cartoon box as shoes . We collected this empty boxes for the recycled and the kikay been using it as her shoes, walking around the house with a cereal box as shoes.

Here’s a rain boot and socks as mittens.

A scarf wrapped around her chubby body and made it look like a backless dress.

Here’s more….

She was my shoe-a-holic and loved shoes. i thought of sharing her fashion in my blog to document her cuteness.

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  1. hahahaha! super cute kaayo! i love her antics mami shy!! don’t lose those precious snaps… apil dayon sa akong giveaway ba.. picture keeper ang prize! hehehe. promote jud!

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