Embellish Teen Clothing with Studs and Spikes

Teenagers enjoy adding a bit of punk rock to their clothing. They want to stand out in the crowded hallways at school and express their personalities through their style. If the teenager in your life finds the clothing you buy a bit too boring, you can add studs and spikes to create more interest and give them greater freedom to express themselves through their wardrobe.

Hem Linings

You can add a fast touch of punk to your teen’s clothing by lining the hems with pyramid or cone studs. You can go down the outside hem of their pants or across the shoulder hems on their favorite shirt. Pay attention to the size of the studs you select, since larger studs might not look right on smaller body parts like the shoulders.

Accessorize the Shoes

Your teen may want to line the toes of their boots with small spikes or add hex spikes to the heels. You should select smaller-sized spikes and studs to ensure that they do not overpower the natural style of the shoe. This is a good way to add some style to your teenager’s shoes if they cannot find anything in the store that meets their expectations.

Make It a Party

Shop for studs and spikes in different colors and sizes online. Allow your teenager to gather a few friends to decorate their book bags and t-shirts to suit their individual styles. They can create patches of different studs and spikes on their shirts to create unexpected splashes of interest. No one else in their school will have the clothing they get to rock the next day.

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