What would you wear on a night out to a casino

It’s always fun to dress up and get glamorous because there aren’t always that many opportunities to do so. Going to a casino is a great opportunity to dress up because everyone else there is likely to make lots of effort with their fashion choices too, and it’s a great place to meet new people whether they are there to gamble, watch the entertainment, or out for dinner and drinks with friends. You might feel intimidated when making outfit choices, but actually casinos are more relaxed than you might think. As long as you look smart and stylish and don’t have ripped clothing and dirty shoes, you will be welcome in a casino. Smart and stylish can mean a cocktail dress, but if that’s not the kind of thing you have in your wardrobe then something understated will work just as well. A smart trouser suit, or a pencil skirt with a chiffon blouse will be just as effective especially if you have killer accessories to put with them. Nice jewellery and shoes can jazz up any outfit. Everyone dresses differently at the casino because they will all be there for different reasons. The people who are actually there to gamble for example will be dressed smartly but with a more casual edge as they will put comfort before being fashionable. The people who go there for dinner and to watch the show will be wearing dresses and suits and will probably be there with a group of friends or a date. The way you dress reflects your reasons for going, so if you are there to have fun, make sure it shows in what you are wearing. It’s quite hard to be overdressed in a casino but easy to be under dressed-it’s best to change from your day clothes into your evening clothes and leave the jeans, trainers, hoodies, caps and flip flops at home.

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  1. I usually don’t see a bunch of people dressed up at a casino unless I’m in Vegas. Usually it’s older people in comfortable clothing. LOL

  2. I wish more people dressed better here to go to the casino. With 4 casinos within driving distance here I find many people tend to look like ” The People of Walmart”.

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