My First Winter Boots


It was late May of 2007 when I arrived here at US. Babger drove from Pitts to Newark airport to picked me up. The first thing we did after my arrival was did some shopping like winter clothing. We started from nothing to having a little and since winter coat is kind of pricey so we settled with what is cheap and convenient so off we went to Goodwill and bought a Winter coat. As for the boots, we went to outlet mall at Grove City and bought this Timberland. I wanted to pick a more feminine pair of boots but the sponsor (husband) wanted to proved that he knows winter more than I do and with this boots it sure protect me from freezing weather and snow during winter. Honestly, I did not like the boots but I had no choice. It was heavy, bulky and definitely not suitable for pregnant woman walking on an icy road.

Nevertheless, things have change now that I am not preggy anymore and i can comfortably walk in an icy sidewalk while wearing this sturdy looking Timberland boots. I like this boots now and I am using it almost everyday when picking up the kids from school. I don’t mind the weight at all.

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  1. That winter boots look very nice and comfy. My first winter boots was a used one we bought from goodwill store. I am planning to buy a nice one someday.

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