Levi’s Girl Skinny Jean

Impulsive Shopper went shopping the day after Christmas using the e-card from MyPoints.com. She was able to redeemed a $50 dollar for an ecard to Amazon. She bought a coat for Jb and this skinny jean for Jg and also an ash tray for Jh and also bought a glass wine. Anyway, this jean is lovely and perfect for Jg. It fits alright except for the waist but it ca easily adjusted. I asked her to pose for me and there she was fooling around and even had her shirt backwards.

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  1. Your daughter is adorable! Love the jeans on her. Glad you explained that her shirt was on backwards. Here I was thinking it was just an unusual shirt!

  2. lol! dili man pud il-han nga nabali ang t-shirt. hehe dako na buyag si justin 🙂 Dalaging-ging na ang porma 😀 I still have to cash my points in mypoints. I want to get a new sewing machine 😀

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