Her Signature Pose

She is my lil kikay and fashionista. I like her signature pose and she made it up on her on actually. She came up with that pose after observing me doing some posing for my product review picture. She pose with confidence and ease standing on top of that old and ugly computer chair. She is lighter that I am of course and that’s the reason I guess that chair did not move, roll away or bend.
The last time I stood up on this computer chair I made a one hell of a fall that broke my Sony camera. I was playing around taking picture while standing up on this chair that are four-arm control hand wheel, ignoring the danger that might have happened at that moment. Our floor is hardwood and even if the chair look sturdy that I was confident it won’t give up on me, the wheels rolled and I lost my balance. So picture me fell off from that chair. I’m thinking of buying a new computer because this one really looks like a junk.

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