Gift Shopping and Stuff

Holiday is the most expensive time of the year. Why so? Well we can’t escape the traditions you know and Christmas is all about gifts in the eyes of the children, sharing and giving of course. We want not to spend for Christmas but how are going to explain it to our children. Anyway, we got overboard with gift expenses this year. Husband got overboard rather because he was the one who did the shopping and he got carried away. When we were sorting out the things he bought it showed that there are less toys for daughter and more for son. So, we went to this big store and i saw a cool guitar like that luna acoustic guitars at Musicians Friend which I had my eye on. I was tempted to buy it but my cash was not enough. Time will come that I will be able to buy a guitar for myself. I have already acquired the things I had in my wish list and now it’s time to make a new list.

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