What’s Your Hair Style

What Do Guys Think Of Your Hair?

Guys think you’re girlish and free spirited.
The kind of girl he can take camping … for fire building and romance 🙂
Wanna know about the type of hair you should have or what guys think of your hair? then go to Blogthings.com and take a personality test. I like this one, what length hair should you have quiz, below is the result.

You Should Have Super Short Hair

You are confident and conventional. You are proud of who you are and have nothing to hide.
Your hair tells people that you are honest and straightforward. You appear ready to face the world head on.

You can be very quiet at times. You aren’t shy though… you’re just thinking things over.
You prefer to plan out the best course of action before you do anything. You want to be able to be your best in every situation.

Short hair makes you look young while long hair makes you look mature. The hair plays an important part of something you. It attracts opposite sex and it can also be deceiving. The style of hair cut and colors makes you look a different person. I suppose this is one of the many reasons why hair is described as a crowning glory. For some reason men usually attracted to women with long, dark and shiny hair because it looks so feminine. Having a beautiful hair as your best features is impressive and it can be a great asset to you physically. However, hair takes a while to grow but I have found a great store online with which can be a great alternatives.

Some girls color their hair using hair coloring but this can be bad to your scalp if you keep doing it. If you want to have blonde hair or brunette perhaps a wig will give the satisfaction. Wearing wig basically the great option if you wish to look different every now and then. This is what some of the celebrity do when they portray different character in the movie. You can wear a wig to look sexy and seductive. There are different style and cut of a wig hair and sometimes it looks like a real hair. Besides a wig, you can also use a hair extension to add length and volume to your real hair.

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