Understand the trendiest male model accessories

Accessories are often thought little of in the male fashion world, the reason being that men are supposed to look dapper without it. But hasn’t the trends changed of late? Yes, they have for sure and the development has been observed nowhere better than the male modelling forefront. And you know what? Male models walking the ramp with accessories in tow look even more charming.

Word of caution

Having said that it’s however important to keep all male models posted on the fact that accessories are such items that can as much make the look as break it. So you have to be especially careful while taking your pick here, whether it’s a crystal studded belt or a pair of sparkling cuff-links with diamond studs, as it has to be in tune with your personality and dress.

Done rightly, accessories can accentuate the most mundane of apparels even and make you look more stunning than ever. What’s more, with a few striking items in store, you can easily mix-n-match the stuff with your wardrobe and land up looking innovatively dressed every time.

Ukmodels picks the following accessories as the trendiest in the male modelling market.

The large and luxurious ‘holdall’

What is a holdall? Well, this is the most in-thing for males walking the ramps to hold in their hands as of now. Mostly made of bridle leather (and sometimes nylon) these are elegant looking, sturdy, large and lushly created bags that come with handles. Some very recent versions come with straps that are detachable and zip-pouches placed on the inner flaps.

Printed and embellished silk ties

Male models no longer like to wear the pin-striped ties during their ramp walks. It’s mostly printed ties now that you would see here, not to mention specially embellished ties too for shows that score more on grandeur and pomp. Hot trends? Floral prints, graphic designs and geometric patterns! They look best with slim-fit trousers and suits.

Embellished bow ties are also a hit with models.

Designer belts

Male models treading down the length of a ramp for a designer belt house are always seen to wear them, but models that do otherwise are also often seen to wear stylish belts to complement their dressing styles. Gucci, Prada and Roberto Cavalli are the most popular choices as seen here.

Leather bracelets

Ukmodels finds many male models wearing leather bracelets these days to bulk up on masculinity. And truly enough, they are great! There are grand designs available here – ranging from the braided to the plaited – and worn right, they are excellent in creating a subtle yet macho look for men.

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