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“Life is like a roller coaster” albeit you heard this quote many times and perhaps you’d agree with the message. Here’s another one, “God is Love”. I used to have this quote right in front of my workplace as a reminder for myself to put God in everything I do, love my work and the children around me. Inspiration is what we need to keep going and continue to face whatever obstacles that may come our way. How would you like to find inspiration through this wonderful piece of jewelry from ZYMBOL.

I was pretty happy and excited when I received a Zymbol Pendant, an inspirational Jewelry from Zymbol™. It looks cool and simple and yet unique. You can wear it anytime and be look chic, cool and get inspired. When I was wearing the necklace both my children asked if they can try it on too and of course picture should be taken and included. My daughter asked me if it’s alright she can wear it to school but I said no because obviously she still a toddler. Moreover, inside the box includes two Zymbol cards one is empty and the other one had a message SPREAD THE WORD written or traced on it. Allow me to start spreading the word with this question, What is ZYMBOL?

Zymbol is a creative design that contains every letter of the alphabet & every number hidden within it! Trace it out and find out your own zymbol and what does it means to you. At first glance you instantly noticed the peace sign to the zymbol pendant. It’s impressive how a Zymbol pendant contains the 26 letters in the alphabet which can be traced and able to create a message that will inspires you and others.
Here is the story behind Zymbol and what inspires and motivated her to create a line of inspirational jewelry.

Zymbol™ was ‘accidentally’ created when company Founder Sally Short was doodling, and wrote down the phrase ‘LOVE IS ALL U NEED’ stacking each letter on top of the next, and then adding a peace sign to complete the design.

Sally then sent the design off to be cast as a ‘Love and Peace’ pendant.

But something happened when the Short family received the pendant; they randomly saw it sitting sideways and noticed a ‘K’ popping out.

“There is no ‘K’ in the phrase LOVE IS ALL U NEED,” commented Sally’s Daughter Merida.

That motivated the family to see what other letters they could find and they ended up uncovering EVERY LETTER of the ALPHABET and EVERY NUMBER hidden within the symbol!

The Short Family decided to create a line of inspirational jewelry based around the design. They named it Zymbol as it is a symbol that represents all letters A through Z.

ZYMBOL™ allows you, or the person who receives it as a gift, to TRACE out a message of inspiration while wearing it. The message can change and evolve with the person or remain consistent. Set your intention for the day or use it to S-P-E-L-L out important names, dates, phrases and goals. The possibilities are endless. It is quiet interesting and fun tracing each symbols and see what message or word will you come up with. Life is full of ups and downs and as much as we tried to hide our feelings and get on with life, at some point you need to go back and find solution to it. Our family is one of our inspiration to keep going and face reality. This Zymbol pendant will serve as your tool to speak out your thought, send message, practice tracing name and many more. Zymbol™ is a thought provoking conversation piece which can lift anyone’s spirit, in the best or worst of times. Zymbol’s inspirational jewelry is more than just a unique piece of item to adorn and a wonderful gift ideas for that matter that you can give to your children, friends and family. But it can also help one children at a time. Watch below the following video about their partnership with The DELL Children’s Hospital in Austin TX. For every Zymbol sold, one is gifted to a children’s hospital for the sake of inspiration. You are not only buying an awesome inspirational jewelry but you are also making a difference through charity. Visit their website @ to purchase your own inspirational Zymbol pendant or necklace. Follow and like them on Twitter (or @Meridane_Design) and Facebook to stay connected and keep up to date. You can also subscribe Zymbol on YouTube by clicking on the video below. Win It and get it free by entering the giveaway. Zymbol represents the world’s first line of Interactive Empowerment Jewelry. Wear yours and TRACE out names, dates, phrases, goals, intentions, positive affirmations, or with a reminder of things you are thankful for.

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