A New Earplugs for my iPod

Music is a universal language and we all know that or should I say learn that from our music class at school. Music has the ability to change ones emotion from sad to a happy one and helps heal your loneliness. This is why a lot of people listen to music or their favorite song if they are heartbroken, hurting or even happy. There is what we call now ipod that allow us to take our music anywhere. Most kids and adult alike have own an ipod and uploaded their favorite songs and music genre in it. I listen to my ipod a lot of times and I can’t bring it anywhere yet as I need a new earplugs for it. The old was was broken. Right now I am using the coke earplugs that I redeemed from Mycokerewards. I collected codes from MCR and redeem it with cool items just like the different products in the picture. I want an earplug with look plain and simple.

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