Remembering That Old House

The topic is a bit old but it just cross my mind when I was browsing at some of my old post.  Jake was still my lil tots and Justine was 9 months old then and they were both active and love to play.  Having children trashing, crawling around the place and picking up lent from the carpet needs a constant supervision. I vacuum our carpet everyday but the problem is our vacuum is not picking up dirt that well. So, I have to watch my kids especially the little one like a hawk because she had this habit of putting in her mouth whatever stuff she picked up on the floor.  I think it helps keep your carpet clean and germ free if you hire a professional carpet cleaner to come by your house and sanitize the carpet.  For people that live around North Carolina area they can simply check  raleigh carpet cleaning company.  We rented an old house before we decided to buy our own and the floors were all carpeted.   As a renter, it’s not practical to spend money for the repairs and even carpet cleaning or replacement perhaps because it’s not your place.  I managed to keep the carpet cleaned but there were other things in that house that was breakable like the ceiling, cabinets, and even walls.  The management won’t reimburse the expenses for upholstery just in case we want new carpet. In fact that winter when a massive snowstorm hit mostly the Eastern part of the United States caused a lot of damage in the house. When a big block of ice melted, the water went to the ceiling. The water up on the ceiling was leaking for two days and  that droplets of water on the carpet soaked the whole living room area. And of course the ceiling in the living room was all ruin from that incident. The management wouldn’t change the carpet in the bedroom area and the part of the ceiling that cracked and peeled off.  Instead, they rather called the insurance to take care of it. Anyway, having a carpeted house is nice but you have to maintain cleaning the carpet so that the dirt, dust mites and germs that stuck on it won’t cause health illness. I’m sure there is a carpet cleaning company in your area that provide services such as carpet cleaning, restoration, upholstery and more.


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