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A ring became a very significant symbol of love, and commitment since ancient time thus a must-have piece of jewelry in a wedding ceremony. From the design, to its round shape of a ring itself connote a deeper meaning. Back in the earliest time, Roman’s made a ring out of iron and called “Anulus Pronubus.” which symbolized strength and permanence. Learning about the origin, myth, facts or history of a thing is quiet fascinating.
Bullet Designs
Take a closer look at this ring and tell me what did you see? Do you ever wonder what this ring made of? Well, this ring you see in the picture is made with bullet and they add some detail accent to it like a swarovski crystal and that is one thing that makes the ring and all the jewelry pieces unique and fascinating. Bullet Designs sent me this Sterling Silver Rope Bullet Ring with Blue Zircon as a birth stone and size 5 for my little finger. Thank you Bullet Designs for this gorgeous jewelry to adorn my fingers and my pinky look so proud wearing bullet ring on.

I have reason why I picked a small size that will fit in my pinky. As you all know I love rings but since the pinky always hiding and get overlooked or missed out when I buy fashion ring. With the size of the ring bullet and a sparkly swarovski crystal, the little finger sure now noticeable. There is a significant meaning in every ring you put on in each fingers. The ring in a little finger filter intuition, communication, and quick intelligence qualities. If you have the chance to own one of Bullet Designs ring, then what ring would you choose? And having chosen the ring, what finger do you wear it on? Watch out for the coming giveaway soon (40 caliber fire & ice jewelry collection ($65 value) from Bullet Design).
ringBullet Rings are so unique and pretty unusual piece of handcrafted jewelry. Made with Authentic Recycled (Fired) Bullet Heads and adjustable ring bases. Fits any size! Each Ring is available with or without a Swarovski Crystal center and very inexpensive and totally in sync with fashion and trends. Brass Bullet Heads come on a gold plated ring base – Nickel Bullet Heads come on a Silver Plated Ring Base. Base styles may vary. Assorted Head Stamps. There are other jewelry besides rings that Bullet Designs has offer.

Bullet Designs is the industry leader in elegant bullet jewelry & accessories for men and women! They put a new spin on ‘goin green’ as they recycle fired bullets and made it into a ring or Jewelry and other products such as Ink Pens, Money Clips, Razors, Keyrings, Valve Stem Caps & so much more! All these bullet products are harmless – no live ammunition or gun powder. Made in USA. Find any authentic and unusual gift ideas this holiday. Visit their website and connect to their social network to learn about the products and perhaps get updates to their latest item and promotion.

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in sync with today’s fashions.
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  1. I had seen this once before and thought how beautiful and unique. I think my sister in law would love to know about this site for gifts for her family. I will pass it on.

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