Toddler’s Swimsuit

Swimsuit comes in different sizes, color, style and design. But when it comes to kids swimsuit no matter what style, color and design may be, it always look cute and adorable. Well, when my daughter was less than a year old i bought her this $5 swimsuit with American flag design. It was really cute. The one in middle picture she kind of outgrew than swimsuit already but good thing she still able to wear it this summer and so is the watermelon swimsuit.

Boys also have this summer swimwear and my son always love spider man. He has a lot of swimwear with cool beach design but he prefers the spider man. The two year old cousin doesn’t like wearing swimming trunk or any swimwear. Instead he prefers long sleeve to protect his skin from allergy or sunburn. Before the summer ends i just would like to share pictures of these munchkins in their swimsuit and swimwear.

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