Another Plumbing Issue

Husband had waited all day today for the plumber. He called last week and have this plumbing problem in our basement fixed before we leave for a couple weeks vacation. Not so sure if it needs a parker hydraulic hose or anything related to get it fixed. The old tube and hose look rusty but it works fine still however, it is better to have it look at now than be sorry later. Winter is still less than 5 months away but prepping for the season is our priority as of now. Anyway, if you are in the market of buying hydraulic hose and other related products then check out Delafield Corporation by clicking on the link provided above. Delafield is a full line distributor for several manufacturers that specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, and sales of products that utilize piping, pumps, hoses, manifolds, valves, and tubing to move both fluids and gases.

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