Discount Perfumes & Fragrances

The discount perfumes from make it hard to decide between a single bottle of perfume or a gift set. The single bottles come at such a deep discount, it is impossible to ignore the savings. Yet, the gift sets give more variety and come with benefits that single bottles just have not mastered. If you are giving a gift set, your gift provides the receiver with numerous ways to experience the fragrance. Some people prefer lotions, shower gels and talcum to concentrated sprays or oils. Lotions and powders are more subtle and tend not to overwhelm the room with their scents. There is also usually a perceived price break with the gift sets. Single bottles of fragrance cost the same or more as a gift set, so the buyer feels like he is getting more for his money, and the recipient feels like he or she is receiving a bigger gift. There are fragrance aficionados, also known as perfume snobs, who will not compromise on having the fragrance only. Some believe gels and lotions smell less appealing than the original fragrance and the scent does not last as long. It is best to do a little homework to find out which type of fragrance wearer your gift recipient happens to be. Younger girls like sets with lighter scents. Women might prefer sets with after-bath splash or shower gels. Men usually like perfume gift sets with aftershave. What you buy will always be a guess if you do not know someone personally. However, giving a both with a few options will always make something in the set a winner.

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