An Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo


I am positive it’s not dandruff but it’s a dry scalp that is annoyingly disturbing. Pantene and Ivory was my brand of shampoo that is mild enough and approved by my hair and scalp. That was before when I was in the Philippines where the weather is mostly hot. I moved here in the US and the season changes. I think the hot shower is the cause of my dry scalp. I decided to switch to Garnier after trying 3 different brand of shampoo. I still get dry scalp though but my hair feel smooth and shiny with this shampoo. I have been using Garnier shampoo and conditioner for a while now.

Macademia Oil Shampoo

Meanwhile, i was at Target i found this Macademia shampoo. I actually saw someone looking at this shampoo and since i was at the same aisle looking for a different brand of shampoo to try. I thought it’s time to try a different one and see which is better. This macademia oil shampoo is a tad expensive that the usual brand i used. I actually like it and it gives volume in my hair. I started using this shampoo late spring. I still get dry scalp but not that bad. I am not sure if during winter still gives good result and less dry scalp. Winter is a cold season and I have no choice but to run a hot water when showering. What brand of shampoo do you use?

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