Where to get your First Tattoo Gun

When I was new to LA, I wanted to find a tattoo shop because I’m a tattoo addict. Got every one of them over myself and always trying to find more. Then it struck me, instead of sorting through each of the tattoo shops in LA, I ought to just learn how to tattoo myself. I’ve always aspired to be an artist and this was time. I got some books and a few lessons from guys I met while entering their shop, then I had to find a very good tattoo supply store to have my practice skins, inks, and naturally tattoo gun kits. I found doing this stuff easily accessible at www.thelashop.com. Then came my career to become an artist, and also working hard in internet marketing. I worked about 8-10 hours a day each day to start with, trying to go zero to sixty as quickly as I could. Think Porsche, not Honda. So after in regards to a month I truly felt quite proficient at the art and began planning my first tattoo for myself. But my friends caught wind therefore i was soon being asked to do some art in it because I hands them a price reduction as I was only building up my portfolio. It was obviously a mutually beneficial scenario, and today I’ve got a ton of work being released because I’ve gotten quite good. Gotta say I’m real good now. And to consider it all started with a dream of having yet another new tattoo, and surviving in a new place, and seeking to do something new and fascinating in this thing called life. Only buy one of them, in fact. Now I’m one of the most highly regarded tattoo artists within the entire world, maybe even the galaxy. According to my mother.

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