Rings In My Fingers

A ring is round and has no end and so is my love for these cute rings in my fingers

A ring is a halo on your finger and check out how many halos do I have? Look fancy doesn’t it? Or maybe cute or just thin ring to decorate. Anyway, I do love looking at this lovely cute rings and I wish i could wear all of it but it look too much. I bought three of this thin ring at etsy.com and so cute for fashion stuff. That silver ring with stone was my engagement/wedding ring and the gold ring in my pinky was a made to order ring that i got when I was single. It looks tiny but there’s a value on that ring. That ring had been to a lot of pawnshop when i was single back in PI. I hope this halo on my finger will also bring luck that will take me to these places where these fingers pointing at in the map. Whatchathink???

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