Clothing Solutions that Actually Work!

Wearing clothes and putting on makeup are activities most women do everyday; however, when it comes time to wash clothes and wanting to get ordinary, everyday stains out; that’s a different matter. We all perspire and sometimes stains develop on our clothes. However, to prevent these stains, some of us use underarm shields. Now, a company by the name of Solutions that Stick, have come up with a product that is even more effective and that product is Garment Guards.

Garment Guards are made of 100% cotton, they are disposable, comfortable and discreet. This product has a self-adhesive, black or beige colored cotton disc that sticks to the inside of your clothing. This works to keep your clothes clean, fresh and stain free. Garment Guard works to prevent underarm and deodorant stains on all clothing, prevents wet marks on shirts, keeps clothes clean and when you’re done wearing a garment, you simply remove it and then discard it.

To put on a Garment Guard, you first turn your clothing inside out, peel off the paper backing and firmly stick on to the underarm of your clothing.

Washing shirts and sweaters for men is usually easy; however, when it comes time to get rid of ring around the collar, it is not an easy task. However, with a White Collar Grime Disposable Collar Protector from Solutions that Stick, this chore becomes an easy task. Each roll of this product is 10 feet long, made of cotton, comfortable, discreet and covers uncomfortable tags. All you have to do is cut off a length that you need and stick it to the inside of the collar. When you’re done with the shirt, peel off and throw away.

With these products, you no longer need to worry about stains or that discolored look around the collar. These products also give you a more confident feeling; knowing that you won’t be embarrassed by others seeing stains or observing that nasty and unpleasant look around the collar. These products are easy to use and also add a longer life to your clothing. In addition, these products are affordable and easy to find.

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