Brand Your Business Green With Custom Earth Promos

Anyone wanting to associate their business with a light ecological footprint or else sell fashionable seed cards should pop over here and check out these lighthearted items. This company sells a wide selection of green products, and customers can purchase them individually or in bulk.

Basic products such as seed paper and reusable shopping bags can be purchased in bulk as unmarked products. As a promotional product website, Custom Earth Promos can stamp those blank templates with a company or organizational logo. Professional results helps to market your business.

These inexpensive items can be given as gifts or distributed to potential customers in any location. It could be used as a complementary thank you or simply handed out along with a customer’s purchase at a checkout counter. Any way these products are distributed, they leave a lasting impression.

Seed paper has many uses, and gift cards and mementos are just the start of what your business could do with them. Seed paper is made wit live seeds. Not only is the paper made of recycled and renewable materials, but once the paper is thrown away, the seeds sprout and make the paper apart of the environment. What would normally become trash is instead biodegradable.

Seed paper is sturdy enough to send through the mail and holds ink well. The grains of the paper create an attractive background that can accentuate the beauty of a logo. It makes for a different type of greeting that will leave an impression on recipients. Not everyone will understand what seed paper is, but those who do will appreciate your environmentally friendly ways.

Custom Recycled Bags can also be purchased from and are great for shopping. They be used as an alternative to paper sacks or standard plastic grocery bags. They create a green impression and are sturdy enough to encourage the customer to keep them. Anyone interested in this exciting opportunity should look at this selection of original bags.

Custom Earth Promos also sells water bottles and lanyards. These are common promotional items that can also bear a unique logo. They are useful enough that most people will keep them. While sturdy and reusable plastic water bottles are not always associated with saving the environment, they are identified with outdoors and good health. They can be a great choice for anyone that sells a physical lifestyle or weight loss.

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