Globe Trotting Dress

What do you think of the dress? It made me look so prim and proper. This wrap dress is perfect for globe trotting and on the go event as it is so easy to put on and you’re ready for the day. Check out if you are looking for dress with vintage design and customizable as you can choose your own size, style and design.

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  1. wow, so like this type of dress Tsang, wear and go kaayo.. pwede apil-apil ni Dhemz. pwede paulos… hahaha.. looking great mi amiga!

  2. nisulod akong comment? By dhemz man gud akong nakit-an hehehe.. kung wala Tsang ingna lang ko.. hehehe

    anyway, para sure utro nalang…hahaha.. pausla sad ko puhon ganahan kung ani nga style, wear and go.. 🙂

  3. The dress is conservatively styled, but you look very young here Mommy Shey 🙂 The detailing is really nice and looks intricate.

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