Being a Wife and Woman

Being a stay at home wife, I would say that my sister has a different position from typical wife. I have two kids while my sister doesn’t. Her husband is a pilot and have a schedule that mostly out of town. Just because she is a full time stay at home mom, she is doomed to be a home buddy and wait for her husband to be home. She has a very adventurous lifestyle and her husband is so cool for tolerating her because that’s make her happy. She can dress fashionably even if she’s at home.

She is a wife of a pilot and once in a while she has to dress feminine and classy on occasional gathering. She is also lucky because her husband always buy her expensive clothes. In fact it’s her husband who pick the right clothes for her and when he comes home from out of town schedule, he buys present for her. She can dress fashionably with style as a wife and splurge to lots of fun like woman.

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