Acne Problem

Before and Now

A single tiny pimple in my face won’t bother me. Nevertheless for teenagers, that pimple needs to be gone before their crushes seen it. Most teens experience having a one or two pimple in their face as part of the human and hormonal changes. Some, got acne depending to the genes, environment or allergic reaction. But at my age i did not expect to experience this worst. I never had that much pimples during my younger years. At first, I thought it was just a tiny pimple and I tried to squeezed it. My hand keep touching it without noticing it as i was watching some shows on my netbook before I knew it, the tiny pimple gotten bigger and worse. I ignored it and did not bother to put any cream until the itch is unbearable and looked gross already. Last month, I asked my husband to buy me an acne cream so he got me these acne soap and cream. I applied it for couple of weeks but I did not see changes. I stopped putting cream but still using the soap. Then I used garlic in it and felt all the sting and effect from the garlic juice. I can’t stand the smell of the garlic so I stopped. Right now, the acne in my forehead doesn’t look that bad anymore but the scar still there and looking awful. I’m working on clearing out the scar by applying Bio-Oil onto it. I hope this disgusting thing would clear out soon.

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