The Need for A New Couch

Having a nice and decent furniture and appliances makes your house look homey or presentable. It’s easy to make a list of the things that you really want for your house. The hard part is buying all these stuff you have in your lists. Well, when we moved in to our new place last year, my husband and I underwent all the excitement and dilemma of what to buy first. Apparently, we ended up buying nothing because of the financial problem of course. Our couch have been dying to be replaced. Buying a new couch was really a long overdue planned that never happened. Perhaps, a new cushion for chair would be great but unfortunately, our budget is kind of tight right now. I get discourage sometimes cleaning our place and watching our second hand or hand-me-downs stuff. It probably will take a long while before we can start getting new things and decoration for our simple abode.

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