My Dad

Written by Sonny Quinn

My dad is definitely what I would consider a sports guy. He loves watching any sport either live or on tv. His favorite sport is definitely football. He played football when he was growing up and was the star quarterback in high school. He was going to play in college, but he did not get the chance because he had a pretty bad knee injury that he never fully recovered from. Now he loves watching football any chance he gets. I think that he is secretly living vicariously through the players. I heard about direct tv nfl Sunday ticket and decided to add it to his tv package for his birthday. When I told him about it, he was so excited and said he could not wait until the next Sunday so he would be able to watch all of the football games he wants. I am glad that I was able to give my dad a birthday present that made him so happy. However, I am afraid that he is going to drive my mother crazy during football season while he watches so many football games.

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