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Organizing our life is not as easy as we thought it would.  It’s overwhelming at times keeping record of what you would need and need not to do.  Organization is really not for me but I try to stay in focus and keep things in order the way I want it.  My online life may not be perfectly organize but at least there is a part of it that is organize.  Sometimes I get confuse which one to do first and I end up not doing or accomplishing one of the task that I already planned to finish that day.  I get sidetracked most of the times.  However, my online life is a little organized thought than my offline life.  Thanks to the creator of clipix as it allows me to organize my online life and get everything in order.  Clipix is the new ans free tool to organize you life.   

There are many ways we can use clipix.  We can use it by organizing videos of beauty demo or tutorials.  Clipix is the best way to organize pictures of outfits you love, A multiboard with clipboards for shoes, dresses, jackets, etc., Keep a board of all your favorite fashion bloggers, Celebrities whose style inspires you, Outfit ideas and the best articles from the latest Vogue.  These are just some of the ideas that I can use clipix for.  Take a look at this collection of dresses and shoes that I really love.  Fabulous organizer isn’t it?  

Instead of using bookmarks to save all the interesting sites and articles that you would like to read, I would suggest to use clipix otherwise.  With clipix you can put description or tags on it and place it on one clipboard.  You can create as many clipboard as you want and clip all the sites you find interesting.  You can customize the setting of your clipix or share it with friends and family.  Visit clipix today and sign up to start organizing your online life.  I save some of the videos about natural facial cleansing and saved it under beauty regimen.  How about you, how are you going to use clipix for?

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