How would you like to have one of this sleek motorcycle?

C-1 ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE source Trendhunter

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle was created by Lit Motors, Inc. The C-1 has an enclosed frame, seats two and is balanced by gyroscopes. You don’t have to be afraid in riding a motorcycle and pursue your infatuation and dream to ride a motorcycle. Very trendy and high tech. Cool design too.

The C-1 Electric Motorcycle can hit a top speed of 120 mph and needs to be recharged after an impressive 200 miles. The bike seats two although the second person looks to be somewhat squished in the concept photos. Several gyroscopes placed on the underside of the vehicle would help balance it at stops and in the event of an accident. Lit Motors’ C-1 would also have H2V, H2C, V2I and V2V connectivity to provide drivers with real-time information on weather and traffic conditions.

Pretty sleek eh!

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