A Dream Come True

Second Floor Bathroom

I can’t stop talking before how I wished to have a bathroom vanity because all the apartment that we had rented before don’t have any. Then last summer when we were looking for a house, this house that we are currently living right now was the last one we liked and decided to buy. The house is over a 100 years old but it has three bathroom with vanity, it has big garage and it looks nice. The price also was nice so it’s a dream come true apparently. American Dream.

The picture above is the bathroom in the second floor. The vanity table and sink is made of marble and I would say it’s so easy to clean and maintain. I am still planning to buy an organizer rack to put all these other stuffs so I can keep it clean. My daughter always climbing on top of this table because she wants to brush and wash her hand. I love all the bathroom vanities in this house.

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