Maid Characters and Expert Helpers

Have you seen this movie yet? I just noticed now that both the actress name is Jennifer and they both play the role as a maid. By the way speaking of maid, if you live in Fairfax Va area and is looking for maid to clean your home then contact Maid Service Fairfax Va for a quote. You certainly find a perfect maid to clean your houses and giving your home an in-depth Spring Deep cleaning especially this winter season where cleaning is definitely not a fun job at all.

Jennifer Aniston from the movie Friends with Money

Anyway, Jennifer plays the role of a maid in the movie Friends with Money. I have seen this movie and it was alright. She has this circle of friends who have money and she had to work cleaning houses. You should watch the movie though because you will be surprised how it ended.
Jennifer Lopez from the movie Maid in Manhattan

Maid in Manhattan, played by J.Lo as a single mom who works in one of the hotel in Manhattan. It’s a romance movie and you sure will enjoy it. It’s more like a Cinderella kind of story except for the with mother and a step sisters.

I just thought of including this movie in talking about finding an expert maid. This is an example of modern maid with fashionable maid uniform.

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